5 reasons to put a case on your iPhone


Putting a case on your smartphone just makes sense. A new case costs upwards of £10, while a new smartphone costs £650, not to mention the opportunity and mental health cost of being without a smartphone for an entire day or two!

Here are the main reasons you should put a case on your iPhone...

It’s thin, light and FRAGILE

Phones these days are so thin and so light that they’re not very durable. Certainly nothing like the indestructible Nokia 3310 of the early 2000's, anyway. A case adds much-needed extra bulk so your phone doesn’t break or bend.

Some cases are more than just protective covers

Cases do more than just protect! There are plenty of multifunctional cases out there that act as wallets, battery packs, bottle openers, and tasers. Yes, tasers.

Take the world's slimmest charger case by Phinexi for example. It doubles your phone battery life and doesn't add any bulk to the body of your phone! A trusly must-have gadget.

You didn’t buy phone insurance

An extra £10/month, plus a £50 deductible, for peace of mind in case you drop or lose your phone?

You’re no loser! Instead of buying phone insurance, you prefer to take care of your belongings. Well, part of “taking care of your belongings” includes putting a case on your phone. The case is your phone insurance.

Avoid scratches

Phones aren’t ultra-fragile pieces of glass—most of them are made out of tough-ish metal or plastic, and the glass they do use is special ultra-tough Gorilla Glass and the like. But even if you never drop your phone or step on it, it probably spends a lot of time in your pocket or purse where it’s gonna get scratched to hell, unless you have a Phinexi case on it.

You take your phone everywhere

Literally everywhere. Even places you probably shouldn’t, like the bathroom or on a Tinder date. Even if you’re not a naturally clumsy person, it’s highly unlikely that a gadget that spends 24 hours a day with you is never going to be accidentally knocked off a table.


If you want to charge your phone on the go, then you can wirelessly charge your phone with the worlds slimmest charging case. 

  • Dec 30, 2016
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