8 iPhone hacks that will save your battery


iPhone battery are lacklustre at the best of times - so if you can't wait until Christmas to get your Phinexi charging case, here are some phone hacks to maximise your battery life!


1. Turn on Low Power Mode.

While you're in Settings > Battery, turn on Low Power Mode. It turns off features like mail fetch, automatic downloads, some visual effects, and reduces your screen brightness.

Low Power Mode uses 30 percent less power than if your phone was in regular mode. Plus, there's not a huge difference between using your phone in regular mode or Low Power Mode.  

2. Don't bother quitting apps.

If you've ever heard that quitting your apps (double tapping home and flicking up on the app windows) will save battery life, it's a myth!

Quitting your apps actually slows down your phone and eats up more battery life.

3. Check which apps use the most battery. 

If you go to Settings > Battery, you can check to see which apps take up the most battery. 

You'd be surprised how many nonessential apps, like games, use a ton of battery, and you can change your ways by looking at what's draining your battery.

4. Turn off Background App Refresh. 

Background App Refresh is a feature that allows apps to get updated with the latest content while you're not using them.

It downloads the latest news or updates to an app. It's an awesome feature because it keeps your phone current, but it takes up a lot of battery life.

To disable go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and turn it off. 

5. Turn down your brightness. 

This is a really easy way to save battery life. Just swipe up while you're on your home screen and turn it down. Plus, it makes looking at your phone easier on your eyes. 

6. Turn off Location Services. 

Location Services not only takes up a lot of battery life but is actually pretty scary when you think about it. Our own government might be tracking our every move, but we don't have to give away our whereabouts to app manufacturers if we don't want to.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to disable. You can turn off all location services on top, but you probably don't want to do that for apps that require your location to work like Google Maps and Tinder. So leave it on at the top and turn off Location Services for individual apps. 

7. Turn off Bluetooth. 

Most people don't use Bluetooth very often, and thus, it doesn't need to be on. While you're turning down your brightness, disable Bluetooth. It's the middle button with the two triangles above your brightness settings.

8. When all else fails, turn on Airplane Mode.

Turning your phone on Airplane Mode saves the most battery but obviously disables most of the features you love about your phone. Airplane Mode turns off all cellular data, but if your battery is low and you have Wi-Fi, you can still connect. Of course, turning off Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode saves the most battery.

To put your phone in Airplane Mode go to Settings > Airplane Mode.


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  • Dec 13, 2016
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