Introducing the ultimate fitness apps for iPhone

Fitness isn't easy. Which is why some folks need a motivator or a tangible way of tracking their fitness progress.

A great fitness app can go a long way, so check out our list of favourites:


Zova is a personal training app that houses your very own trainer, Zara. Taking your activity into account, Zara then coaches you through walks, runs, and other workouts, pushing you to get fitter, without pushing you too hard.

Zova will even kick things off by asking your your Apple Health data, which will end up helping it paint a better picture of your overall fitness, helping to better tailor workouts to your specific needs.


FitStar is an app that tailors workouts and helps you progress, while taking your daily life and schedule into account. It tracks progress and formulates workouts based on your overall fitness level.

Fitstar Yoga is basically the same thing, but with yoga. Fitbit teamed up with Tara Stiles to create tailor-made yoga workouts based on your experience and fitness level.


One of our favorite running apps, RunKeeper is one of the best ways to keep track of your running goals and routes, helping you reach new cardio heights. Of course, there is a premium element, wherein you can subscribe to receive prescribed workouts. Progress insights, live tracking (lets you share your location with family and friends), and weather data (though you can probably just use your favorite weather app…). 

Zombies, Run!

This is another one of our favourite running apps because it's not just great for motivation — it's entertaining as well. If you like an adrenaline rush when you run, then an audio adventure where you're being chased by zombies should do the trick.

You'll get to play through multiple missions wherein you must gather supplies and build up your base to fight off the zombie horde. Run, and while you do, you'll be chased by the undead. At times, you'll hear them as though they're right behind you, so you'll have to speed up in order to get away. If not, you're zombie food.


Strava is another wonderful run tracking app that tracks your routes and distance, journaling your progress as you jog your way to good health. You can set personal records and pit yourself against other users on the leaderboards to see how you stack up. You can also join monthly challenges and follow your friends, sending words of motivation, then share your progress on social media.

The Apple Watch app helps you take things a step further by tracking your heart rate, power, and cadence, helping Strava give you a better idea of your overall fitness level. Strava also lets you track your cycling activities, making it a versatile app for cardio lovers.


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