Here's what top tech magazines are saying about the world's slimmest iPhone charger case

Does my iPhone look thin in this? The slimmest iPhone juice pack in the world. 

Delivering 140% additional battery life to help you stay connected for up to 48 hours! Super lightweight with brushed aluminium finish.

Here's what the top tech blogs across the globe are saying:


"The Product Apple really should've invented!" - TechCrunch

"The best invention ever made- a hidden battery pack whilst adding barely any size!" - Wired MAG

"A MUST-HAVE gift this Christmas" - YAHOO!

"With a 140% longer battery life, the iPhone will have a capacity to provide an extra 48 hours standby, 5 hours audio, 15 hours 3G talk time, 12 hours video, 11 hours web browsing and 4 hours 3D gaming."



The current iPhone 6 Plus contains a 2700 mAH battery built-in, however Phoenix adds an additional 2800mAh. Even when emailing, playing music, using Bluetooth and texting all day, an iPhone with Phoenix will not need charging for at least 16 hours.

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  • Dec 23, 2016
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