Here's what's new in Apple iOS 10.3 - new release for iPhone and iPad

Apple have been rumoured to be testing its brand new software update for iPhones and iPads iOS 10.3.

Trials will begin on January 10.

As for new features, rumour has it that Apple could be releasing a brand new cinema mode.

The new “mode” should appear on the control centre and its icon will be in the shape of popcorn

“Theatre mode” is hotly tipped to be a new way to dim your device at the touch  of a button.

There are suggestions it will make watching films easier on your iPhone.

But most importantly, Apple lovers are hoping the update will bring a fix for the 30 percent battery drainage bug that has seen iPhone 5 to iPhone 6S customers losing juice. If you want to boost your battery however, check out the World's Slimmest Charger Case.



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  • Jan 05, 2017
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