How to free up storage on your iPhone

If you're a iPhone user, you've most definitely run into a storage problem at some point.

Short of upgrading to a larger device, here are some methods to put that annoying "storage full" notification to rest.


1) Delete & reinstall Facebook

Facebook stores a lot of profile information, but there's no built-in setting to clear it. Deleting and reinstalling the Facebook app will clear it for you manually.

2) Delete unused apps

Be quick to delete any apps that you rarely use – you can re-download them from the App Store at any time.

If you haven't tried to delete any of your Apple stock apps recently – Mail, Stocks, Weather, etc. – you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Since the release of iOS 10 last September, you can finally delete some of these useless space-fillers. 

3) Remove unwanted photos, music and videos

Deleting is an essential part of storage management. Go through your camera roll and delete those out-of-date screenshots, accidental captures, and selfie outtakes. Same thing goes for any music or video content you no longer need, in iTunes and elsewhere. 

4) Delete old conversations and double check Messages settings

Your iMessage/text history can add up, especially if you send a lot of multimedia back and forth. You can't delete the Messages app, but you can delete individual conversation threads. 

5) Clear Search History

To speed up loading times on web pages you've already visited, Safari and other web browsers like Google Chrome store each page visit to a cookie cache. In many cases, periodically clearing the cache removes unnecessary data without impacting your web experience too negatively.


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  • Jan 19, 2017
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