Introducing The New Phinexi Fit Watch Range

The revolutionary fit range from Phinexi. The smartest, sleekest fit accessories in the world including the award-winning Phinexi fit watch. Stay active, stay fit, stay connected.

Coming soon from Phinexi, our range of affordable smart watches, two watches geared towards health and fitness with the added bonus of being the cheapest on the market.

First up is the Phinexi Fit Band, a slim lightweight fitness watch with all the basic functions of a fitness band. This includes sleep tracking to ensure you start your day energised after a healthy amount of hours slept. On top of this, there is calorie tracking and step tracking, obviously, this well help you keep track of the actual exercise you are doing throughout the day, helping you realise your level of fitness and subsequently set goals to reach. Finally, the band will also track your heart rate.

The Phinexi Fit Band also has built-in Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, however, you need not lug your phone around in the gym, the band tracks and keeps record of your workout and simply uploads it to your phone when in range at no extra data cost. Alongside this, when connected to your phone, simply shake the band to take a selfie on your phone.

For the health conscious or fitness enthusiast looking for an in-depth health and fitness analysis tool the Phinexi + (Plus) Health Band. This watch has all the features of the standard Fit Band plus a whole host of other useful features to help you stay on top of your workouts and health in general. For the more health conscious or the regular gym-goer, this band monitors your blood pressure alongside your blood oxygen levels which helps not only with exercising but also with keeping a healthy lifestyle in general.

A stopwatch also comes as standard on the Phinexi + (Plus) Health Band, coupled with a water resistant body, as well fully body fatigue analysis. Building upon the basic sleep tracker from the Phinexi Fit Band, this band also provides full, in-depth, sleep analysis.

Both watches include 4 day battery life with rapid recharge.

 Price TBA.

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  • Feb 15, 2017
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