iPhone 7 case available now!

After releasing our iPhone 6 and 6s charger cases a couple of months ago, the world's slimmest iPhone charger case is now available for the iPhone 7, meaning users of Apple's newest phone can benefit from our charger case.

The Phinexi charging battery case is slim, powerful and protective. 

Are you tired of your iPhone only lasting half a day? Constantly carry a charger around with you? 

The Phinexi is the slimmest 3000mAh charging battery case ever made! A revolutionary patented smart charging case. The Phinexi really is a powerful battery extending, protective iPhone Skin.

The case offers 140% longer battery life: 2400mAh capacity provides an extra 48 hours standby, 5 hours audio, 15 hours 3G talktime, 12 hours video, 11 hours web browsing or 4 hours 3D gaming to your iPhone 7. As well as UV coated rear cover to protect your iPhone from the harmful sun rays.

On top of this, the case also adds a minuscule 73g to the overall weight of your device, the case is also durable so as to protect your iPhone from wear and tear and has an aluminium alloy which perfectly matches the iPhone colour ways.

All this for only £49.99!

Our new iPhone 7 charger case is available here

  • Mar 02, 2017
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