iPhone 8 to massively improve the camera

The iPhone 7 introduced the ability to film in 4K, an extremely high resolution used in the latest televisions and cameras, but rumour has it that the iPhone 8 will go a whole lot further.

Apparently, Apple will upgrade their iPhone's camera function so that it can capture a full 3D image of the user. This would include incorporating a 3D sensing front-facing camera which would require an IR module as well as massive improvements to the front-facing camera. 

Given the fact that Apple have recently acquired a number of companies specialising in facial recognition, it is highly likely that the new camera will in some way help with the new unlocking system we heard about last week.

Naturally, biometric security wouldn't be the only use for this technology, AR gaming would also make good use of it. With the popularity of games such as Pokemon Go, at present, it is likely we will see a number of other games stepping up to make use of this feature.


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  • Feb 22, 2017
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