Phoenix Keeps Your iPhone Powered So You Really Can Catch 'Em All

Introducing Phoenix - The Ultimate Pokémon GO Accessory Every Serious Trainer Needs in their Arsenal

Tired of trying to catch ’em all only to be thwarted by your iPhone battery letting you down at that crucial moment? Well here at Phoenix, we might just have the answer to all of your Pokémon GO problems.

Let us introduce you to our iPhone Smart Battery  Cases, the ultimate accessory every serious trainer needs.

We’ve all been there since Pokémon GO took over our lives  these  last 2 weeks. You’ve been hunting down that perfect addition to your team for 3 hours,  only to lose power at the last second, forcing you to turn  despairingly on the long walk home to reboot at  base camp.

Well that could all be a thing of the past with Phoenix! Here’s  why:

Stay on the GO

Never experience the long demoralising  walk home to recharge again.  Did you know the current iPhone 6S contains a 1715mAH battery built-in? The Phoenix adds an ADDITIONAL 2400mAh! That equates to:

  • Up to 140%  additional continuous Pokémon GO Usage
  • Cover an extra 12.4  miles of terrain with each charge*
  • Trainers using Phoenix experience a Daily Catch Rate improvement of up to 100%*

Improve Your Pokéball Accuracy

We’re proud to say Phoenix cases are the slimmest battery cases in the world!  That’s why we’re confident we can offer a guaranteed improvement in game  time  without the need to compromise on  your well honed  Pokéball accuracy.

  • Guaranteed Pokéball Accuracy Retention
  • Adding just 3.8mm depth and 2.0mm thickness, the Phoenix battery case is the lightest, slimmest 2400mAh charging case in the world

Team Rocket Battle Ready

There’s no shame in saying it, we’ve all been a little too engrossed in a battle and felt the fear in that moment the iPhone  begins to slide uncontrollably from grip. That’s why we’ve built in extra smash protection features to Phoenix cases, helping to keep your phone safe during the toughest of Gym battles.

  • Battle Ready  Smash Protection – with 70% of the iPhone covered by the durable case.
  • Adventure Ready – UV coated rear cover to protect your iPhone from the harmful sun rays on long adventures.

What Pokémon Trainers Are Saying About Phoenix

“Phoenix has seriously upped my Pokémon Go game. Yesterday I caught a Charmeleon which wouldn’t have been possible without the extra hours of battery life. Definitely a must for any serious trainer!”

Jamie Tyler

Level 8,  1470 XP


“For anyone who’s focussed on becoming the best trainer they can, Phoenix is a must. The Mid-Battle Charge Functionality was an absolute saviour for me. 100% recommend! “

Laura Hodgkinson

Level 12,  1870 XP


  • Aug 26, 2016
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