Revealing the iPhone 8's amazing new features!

Famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kun has delivered more possible news on the hotly anticipated iPhone 8 this week, suggesting that the tech giants have taken a massive risk, and radically reinvented the device.

Kuo claims that Apple will finally rid the iPhone of the home button, making way for a 'function area', which will probably be similar to the touch bar included on the new Macbook Pro. It is also thought that this function area will adapt and tailor itself to the user's needs.

This suggests that the iPhone 8 will be essentially seamless with a whopping 5.8-inch display. 

However, the side effect of these changes would be that the Touch ID function would be somewhat obsolete, making way for new, more in-depth biometric technologies such as possibly iris scanning and facial recognition.

All this hints at the iPhone 8 being the most expensive one yet, but also the most revolutionary, with the tech giant potentially taking it's biggest risk in the near ten-year tenure of the iPhone.

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  • Feb 17, 2017
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