The best iPhone accessories on the internet - voted for by top tech magazines

We all love our iPhones, from the iPhone 3G all the way up to the iPhone 7S. Apple fans have stuck by the devices, in all their shapes and forms!

But why be happy with JUST an iPhone? There is a vast array of gadgets and accessories to ensure you get the most out of your Apple iPhone.

We've joined forces with top tech magazines to show you the best iPhone add-ons on the web!

1. Apple iWatch

Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch Series 1 take the iPhone smartwatch to new heights, but if you don't need a built-in GPS chip, waterproof specs or more than a day's worth of battery life, the cheaper original Apple Watch is still a good fit. 

Wearing the Apple Watch in 2016 is a little more tempting because its price is lower, while its app count is higher. There's also a new operating system update.

This iPhone 5-and-up-compatible smartwatch has more than 71 flavours, with different case materials, colors, sizes and interchangeable Apple Watch Bands. 

"An amazing device, still ticking away on my wrist, 16 months on!" - The Gadget Website

2. The World's Slimmest Charger Case

Having full charge on your phone is an unbeatable feeling in life, especially if you have to commute. With the Phinexi Charging Case you will increase your battery life so you always have charge!

The groundbreaking iPhone Charging Case ensures you always have battery, in the slimmest, most stylish way possible. 

No need to remove your case to sync your music. No need to remove your case to charge your case and phone. The Phinexi really is a powerful battery extending, protective iPhone Skin.

"The Product Apple really should've invented!" - TechCrunch

"The best invention ever made- a hidden battery pack whilst adding barely any size!" - Wired MAG

"A MUST-HAVE gift this Christmas" - YAHOO!

"With a 140% longer battery life, the iPhone will have a capacity to provide an extra 48 hours standby, 5 hours audio, 15 hours 3G talk time, 12 hours video, 11 hours web browsing and 4 hours 3D gaming."


3. Wireless Ear Buds 

Wireless ear buds let you connect wirelessly to your iPhone or Android phone using the newest Bluetooth 4.1 technology for a strong, stable connection at all times.

These ear buds fits securely in your ears with comfort in mind, with different options and supporting silicone buds.

"High-quality wireless ear buds, with an incredible battery life. " - MSN Technology

For more information on the worlds slimmest phone charging case click here.

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