The new iPhone will have a curved screen

While an official name for the new iPhone has not yet been released, some key features such as price point and physical updates have been hinted at and possibly revealed. For starters, this iPhone has been rumoured to cost around $1,000, making it the most high-end to date. This possibly hints that Apple may release two new iPhones, a cheaper and a more luxury model.

This new high-end iPhone will also feature an OLED curved screen, much like the one seen on the Galaxy S7 Edge, which essentially wraps around a portion of the phone for a much better display. With the Galaxy being Apple's main competition on the phone market, it seems only right that they try and up their screen game.

 All speculation and rumours seem to point towards this iPhone selling alongside the standard would-be-iPhone 8 as a line of phones celebrating the device's 10th anniversary.

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  • Mar 02, 2017
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