The top Instagram tricks and tips

Instagram is essentially 'the big leagues' when it comes to personal social media. No app offers users the ability to showcase their life, for better or for worse, in such a way. Bearing all through suavely edited photographs and cultivating as many likes and followers as possible is the name of the game, yet, why can some people do it better than others? Perhaps it is all down to a handful of nifty tricks which seem simple enough, but are not as widely used as they should be.

Adding multiple pics or vids to a single post

The newest feature to grace Instagram is arguably one of the best. It cuts out the need ton spend minutes or even hours deciding which selfie or general picture fits the best with your Instagram feed. This update is especially handy for budding photographers as it allows them to post sets of photographs from a single photo shoot as opposed to standalones. To use this feature simply click the 'multiple' button which appears underneath the photo or video you are about to post.

Turning off comments for individual posts

By now, I'm sure we've all had dozens of those automated comments 'telling us' how to gain thousands of followers instantly. They can make your page look as tacky as the comments themselves. However, Instagram now offers users a higher level of control over what they post, by simply pressing the three dots which appear above the post and selecting 'turn off commenting' users can make sure there are no comments on a selected post.

Add extra information and tags to a post

When using Instagram on the go especially, it is easy to miss out important hashtags or even a humorous caption. By pressing on the button above the post which looks like a series of three dots, users can 'edit' their post and alter the caption, tag friends and even add a location.

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  • Mar 07, 2017
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