Third party repairs on iPhones no longer void Apple's warranty

Apple are known for their extensive warranty. One which covers almost any breakage or technical issue which may befall your iPhone. In modern times, phones tend to be a lot more prone to breaking, we take them everywhere with us and use them at all times which means we are prone to dropping them or generally damaging them. Apple has taken a hardline stance on the way in which we choose to repair broken products produced by them. This means that any warranty still covering you iPhone is null and void the moment you get it fixed by anyone other than Apple.

However, now Apple has announced that devices repaired by third-parties will still be covered by warranty, there are still some catches. For starters, repairs done to the phone screen should not damage the casing or components in any way, if this happens then the warranty is voided and Apple staff will not repair the device.

It is uncertain what exactly counts as 'damage' but it is thought that even the slightest amount of harm caused by third-party repairs will void the warranty. 

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  • Feb 27, 2017
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