This is how Apple could make the iPhone 8 transparent


Apple appears to be going all out with the design of the iPhone 8 thanks to a leak, that will mean the handset has no back and will be see-through. In fact all you should see at the front is pure glass.

Even the camera, ear speaker and sensors won’t be seen at the top of the phone. All will be hidden thanks to a new technology that involves a porous screen with holes.

Holes is an over-simplification but that’s what a recent apple patent essentially reveals. Thanks to that rumoured super-thin OLED screen the space between pixels can let through light.

So while the glass will appear seamless on the top layer, underneath, the screen, camera, speakers and sensors can still work together while the display appears to run from top to bottom of the phone.

This could be ideal for Apple’s version of augmented reality. Hold the phone up to a street and see it clearly yet with annotated data appearing to show information like live shop sales, restaurant opening times, navigation directions and more.

This is very exciting stuff and we hope the iPhone 8 features it as we’ll be throwing money at our screen while watching that launch event in 2018.

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  • Jan 11, 2017
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