This is what makes the Phinexi Case better than any other case on the market!

Our groundbreaking iPhone Charging Case ensures you always have battery, in the slimmest, most stylish way possible. 

But, why Phinexi? you ask. This video will show you why Phinexi cases are better than other, bulky charger cases on the market. 





140% longer battery life. Impressive 2400mAh capacity gives you an extra 48 hours standby, 16 hours 3G talktime and 12 hours audio playback. 

Durable protection

Protect your iPhone from wear and tear, and keep it safe from harmful sun rays with our medical grade silicone case with UV coated cover. 

Unlike other models, you can charge and sync through the case. No need to remove the case to dock your phone. No need to remove your case to sync your music. No need to remove your case to charge your case and phone. 

Being the world's slimmest power case it only adds 73g to the weight of your device, whilst only adding 2mm length making it barely noticeable on your iPhone with no unsightly extension on the bottom. 


If you want to charge your phone on the go, then you can wirelessly charge your phone with the worlds slimmest charging case. 

  • Jan 04, 2017
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