We put the iPhone 7's battery life to the test

The iPhone 7's battery life is a tricky one, as has Apple said it's increased the battery life and efficiency through the improvements to the iPhone's hardware.

Every day by around 5pm things get desperate in terms of iPhone battery. Looking at the stats, the reasons were many and varied: one day it was Spotify running in the background that was taking its toll, the next the use of the phone as a portable hotspot, and the next Facebook was pulling the power, or WhatsApp.

The lock screen seemed to take up a significant amount of power, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense given how short an amount of time we spend on there. 

In short, it's hard to see where Apple has improved the battery life on the iPhone 7, because despite a 10% increase in battery life over the previous model, it was hard to see where that improvement was coming from..

Does the iPhone 7 have decent battery life? Simply put: no. 

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  • Jan 17, 2017
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