Phinexi Wireless Earbuds

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The Phinexi earbuds are high-quality and wireless, with an on-the-go charging doc that fits in your pocket! These comfortable, hassle-free earphones make your music listening experience more enjoyable!

Features and Benefits:

- Bluetooth 4.1.  The very latest in Bluetooth technology gives you superior performance with a strong wireless connection. You can be up to 10 metres away from your device and still benefit from excellent sound quality.

- Battery-life.  All Phinexi products are built with an emphasis on battery life to increase your user experience. These earbuds have a 120hrs standby time and an impressive 4 hours of playback and talk-time.

- Voice alerts. The onboard operating system informs gives tells you when the device is powering off or on. It helps you connect your device to your phone for a simple, easy user experience. 

- Charge in a flash. The charging time for a full charge is only 90 minutes so you will never have to be without your earphones.

- Say goodbye to wires. Never again will spend 10 minutes untangling headphones after you've put them in your pocket. These are designed to be used on the go, so say goodbye to wires whilst you're out for a run!